Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

Special Issue Announcement


Mobility, Paging and Quality of Service Management for Future Wireless Networks


Guest Editors


Yang Xiao, The University of Memphis, USA



Yi Pan, Georgia State University, USA



Kin K. Leung, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA



Recently, the demand for wireless communications has grown tremendously. The need for "information anywhere anytime" has been a driving force for the increasing growth and advances in wireless communication and portable computing devices. The field of mobile computing and wireless computing is the merging place of these advances in information processing and communication with the aim of providing seamless and ubiquitous computing environment for mobile users. Location management, mobility management, and paging management are critical issues to provide "information anywhere anytime." Furthermore, requested information and services have to be delivered to mobile users with adequate quality of service (QoS). Ensuring expected QoS is still a big challenge, especially in light of user mobility and environments with heterogeneous wireless networks such as 3G/4G network, wireless LAN and ad hoc network.

The purpose of the special issue is to focus on the novel ways in which location, mobility, paging and QoS management schemes for cellular networks, mobile IP, wireless LANs and ad hoc networks. Specific areas of interest include (but are not limited to):


The manuscripts should be submitted as an e-mail attachment in PDF format to Yang Xiao at If the file is larger than 1MB, the authors are encouraged to use WINZIP. Detailed instructions to authors can be found in:




        Submission deadline: November 1, 2004

        Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2005 March 31, 2005

        Submission of final version: April 15, 2005 April 20, 2005

        Publication of special issue: Second half of 2005

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