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International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications (IJTA)

Special Issue Announcement

Electronic Health  

Guest Editors


Hui Chen, Virginia State University, USA


Arnauld Nicogossian, George Mason University, USA


Silas Olsson, Healthaccess, Sweden


Azhar Rafiq, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA


Max E. Stachura, Medical College of Georgia, USA


Mamoru Watanabe, University of Calgary, Canada


Pamela Whitten, Michigan State University, USA


Yang Xiao, The University of Alabama, USA


Electronic health (E-health) becomes a very important area, involving multiple fields, such as health, healthcare, public health, medical science, health service, data management, image processing, telecommunication, wireless network, operational research, etc. The purpose of the special issue is to provide quick journal paper publications on any topic related to E-Health. Specific areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

        Health promotion, health prevention (e.g. of persons with risk factors)

        Diagnosis, second opinion

        Treatment, support to treatment

        E-heath Decision support systems

        Reducing error in healthcare delivery

        Hospital based care

        Ambulatory based care

        Primary health based care

        Home care

        On the move care/support

        Cross border care

        Care in developing countries

        International care

        Reimbursement issues

        Legal issues

        E-heath education issues

        E-heath change management issues

        Change the way healthcare is delivered

        Quality of Patient Care

        Wireless/Mobile Telemedicine

        E-health Data Management

        Prevention of Medical Errors

        E-health information Technology

        Reduction of Healthcare Costs

        Medical Image/Video Processing and Mining

        Medical resource allocation, Optimization, and Simulation

        E-health Text Mining

        E-health Data Warehouses

        Clinical Decision Support

        Emergency Care

        E-health Information Modeling and Integration

        E-health Information Retrieval, Analysis, Visualization and Prediction

        E-health Knowledge Discovery

        Security, Privacy and Trust in E-health

        Lessons Learned from E-health Information System Implementation

        Tele-homecare and Ubiquitous Healthcare

        Tele-presence and Robotics in Healthcare

        E-Health Initiatives of World Bodies

        Health Monitoring

        Emerging Technologies for Rehabilitation

        Tele-Rehabilitation and Tele-Physiotherapy

        Sensor Networks for Patient and Elderly Care

        Semantic Web in Healthcare

        Navigation Systems for Healthcare

        Computing for Human Experience and Wellness

        Medical Nomadic Computing

        Healthcare Industry Applications

        Rural e-HealthCare Management

        Healthcare Cost & Financial Analysis

        Context-awareness for Smart Space in Healthcare

        IT Infrastructures and Platforms for Remote Healthcare


Authors should follow the International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications manuscript format described at the journal site Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking System at, according to the following timetable:


        Submission deadline: May. 1, 2008, Jun 15, 2008

        Notification: Aug. 1, 2008

        Publication of special issue: Nov. 1 2008